Our cattery has been upgraded:

  • Insulated building total separate from the dog kennels
  • Circulation fans for summer
  • Heating for winter
  • Igloo Beds
  • Outdoor Exercise area for amicable felines
  • Some 3 tier cat enclosures, with raised sleeping areas
  • Single enclosures can be opened up to 2 or 3.
  • No contact with adjoining cat
  • 24 hr access to water and food
  • Cat enclosures are fully meshed and escape proof.
  • Unless a cat is from the same family they will be housed individually
  • Daily cuddles for the smoochers

Each enclosure is cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant at least once a day, to ensure they are kept spotless. The litter trays are cleaned daily and disinfected.

We feed a balanced diet of Royal Canin dry for during the day and wet food in the evening, but are happy to accommodate those cats that have their own dietary requirements at no extra cost. We administer oral and surface medication at no cost. Our cat crockery is stainless steel and washed thoroughly, in our kennel kitchen after each meal.

You are welcome to bring your own blankets, bed or toys, but we do have all of these available here.

All cats are required to have a current F3 vaccination which must be sighted by our staff before we admit your cat. We also require that cats have current flea protection at all times and paralysis tick protection.

We encourage you to fill in our Questionnaire so we can make your pets stay as enjoyable as possible.

We can accommodate your pets for either a short or long stay. From a few days through to weeks, or in between, your pets are most welcome at Fido’s Lodge.